Live Drawing of LOS Art Group

Where : MyKopiO Surabaya Town Square. Adityawarman 55 Level unit P 87-88 Surabaya, Indonesia.
When   : Dec 21, 2012 - Dec 21, 2012

My first live drawing and I am really happy today. But more than that, I met 5 art friends whose art are awesome, and I’m very grateful for our friendship, sit together with them and do live drawing today. They are Nitchii with her cute illustration, Thomashanandry with his beautiful drawing, Nicofey the realistic artist, Bembibum with his cool zombie drawing, Ayibc with his urban sketch and Tsunami031 with his cool basketball drawing series. We’re LOS Art and we’re going to do more exhibition and live drawing together since today. That would be amazing and fun. Do come! Here at MyKopiO Surabaya Town Square from morning until night.