Break The Silence Art Exhibition

Where : Tunjungan Plaza Atr. 2. Basuki Rahmat 8-12 Surbaya, Indonesia.
When   : Nov 20, 2012 - Nov 20, 2012

At this time, BRAngerous Woman Art Community will support “One Heart” event which held by Indonesian Women’s Coalition at Atrium 2 Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya by created an art exhibition called “Break The Silence” with 20s works of art all proclaiming one message : Stop Human Trafficking & Sex Exploitation.
This art show is an appreciation form of self-realization to see the cruel reality on the other side of our life. As a form of coercion to get out of our normal life and see with open heart and eyes about the issues of modern slavery, violence, abuse, trafficking and sexual exploitation of woman and children, with the hope that we could do the best prevention and action to fight human trafficking.